Sunday, November 21, 2010

Painterly inspiration

It's been a cold, cold weekend here in Boston, which leaves me already dreaming of spring.  Until warmer, greener months arrive, though, perhaps I can find solace in the work of Harrison Howard, whose paintings are brimming with spring.

My favorites come from his "Chinoiseries" series:
"The Poem"
I love the meta-fictionality in Howard's work and the playfulness with which he handles scale and dimension.
"The Architect"
There's a touch of Borges in these, no?
"The Two Gardeners"

From the "For Children" series:
"Rabbit Talk"
From the "Gardens" series:
"The Green Folly"

The details in the paintings are so surprising and whimsical; I feel like I could stare at them for hours and still find something new and unexpected the next time I encounter them.  They're like 2D cabinets of curiosities or -- a total oxymoron -- 2D pop-up books.

I hope you're finding some cheer and warmth as we head into winter.  Brrr.


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