Monday, November 1, 2010

Book 'em or wear 'em

Although I quit my Ph.D. and am no longer writing about old books, I can still wear them, right?  Especially when they are miniature, like these whimsical book necklaces handmade from vintage leathers and recycled materials.

Do the Strand Necklace

Alas, Anthropologie is selling these tiny books at a big, big price.

Bookworm Necklace

But Peg and Awl -- who made the pieces for Anthro -- also sells these darling creations at their Etsy store, The Black Spot Books.

Autumnal Library Necklace
It's $350, but still almost $100 cheaper without the Anthro mark-up.

Antique Postcard Book Necklace
The single book necklaces are a bit more reasonable at $40.  It's tres adorable, no?

Mini Book Earrings
Or wear the books on your ears instead.  They're closer to your noggin, so all the book learning enters more quickly through osmosis.

Will you be reading or wearing your reading materials today?


e.louise November 2, 2010 at 12:34 PM  

Oh gosh, I love those! I'm glad to see Anthro is recognizing the little guys, even if they are marking up their items.

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