Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cake bunting

After seeing Kiki LaRue's darling cake bunting all over the blogosphere, I've become convinced that anything looks more festive with little pennants and flags.  I mean, I could stick some cake bunting in a bowl of cereal and it'd instantly become party cereal.

But I didn't stick my cake bunting in a bowl of FiberOne.  I stuck it in a chocolate cake.  And cake + bunting makes me very happy indeed.

Kiki LaRue
Kiki LaRue makes her gorgeous creations the high class way: with lovely baker's twine, fabric pennant triangles, and lots of sewing.  That's why she gets to charge $25 for her exquisite creations.  I made mine out of paper, embroidery thread, and glue.  But it's pretty cute, no?

Incidentally, the paper I used came from the Reprodepot Pattern Book, which I found as a remainder at the Brookline Booksmith for some absurd price -- like $2.  If you're in Boston, go get your hands on it now.

Have you tried your hand at making cake bunting?  Does the phrase "cake bunting" sound dirty to you, like it does to me?

1 comments: November 9, 2010 at 2:24 PM  

it totally sounds dirty to me! Great bunting though ;)

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