Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The new Google fashion shopping site,, made its debut today.  Of course, I had to check it out.  (Ok, I should have been working, but this seemed like a better use of my time.)

From what I can tell, aims to be a smarter hybrid of Shopstyle and Polyvore.  It "learns" your style through a fairly intensive style quiz, where you can designate the silhouettes, designers, colors, and patterns you love and hate -- my style, it tells me, is a mix between "romantic" and "casual chic."  It then provides you with product photos and shopping links for items it thinks you'll like.  It also offers boutiques curated by designers, bloggers, and celebrities, and gives you the ability to build your own boutique (sort of like the mood boards you can build on Polyvore).

I'm not sure will be so useful for me -- I tend to only buy stuff from Anthropologie and Lululemon, with the bulk of my wardrobe coming from cheap finds in Hong Kong.  But the New York Times seems to hail it as the second coming of Awesome, so maybe I'm just not quite realizing its potential.

Now, if it were to expand its selection to decor and housewares, I'd be all over it . . . .

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