Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekly Roundup: Images That Made Me Happy

I haven't done a roundup in a while, but there was so much gorgeousness in the blogosphere this week I couldn't resist.

Image Source: Elizabeth Messina via StyleMePretty
If I had a bit more panache, I'd wear this hair piece everywhere . . . to the market, the gas station, out to mow the lawn.

Image Source: Elizabeth Messina via StyleMePretty

Or if I can't wear it on my head, then I'll just ask the girls at Saipua to throw together something for our house?

Image Source: Saipua
What a creative, fun way to display a collection of chopsticks!

Image Source: The Kitchn

And while we're in the kitchen, doesn't this salted caramel bread pudding make you drool?

Image Source: bigapplenosh
If bread pudding doesn't motivate you, then how about a chic interior with some great art and a touch of mid-century style?

Image Source: Rue Magazine via SFGirlbyBay
Have an inspiring weekend!


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