Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brimfield Reality

Sigh.  I went all the way to Brimfield, and all I got were these photos:

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.  Winnie the Pooh's head in the right background
Depression glass.  So named because their prices made me depressed.
Vintage Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books.
Shelves full of jadeite and milk glass.
Vintage Polaroid set, complete with camera, film, and carrying case.

Old chemistry paraphernalia.  Or a retro meth lab.
Bookends galore.

Spice, coffee, tea, and candy tins.

Vintage food wrappers and packaging.

A friend and I arrived at Brimfield at noon, which is fairly late by antiquing standards: from the accounts I've read of the Brimfield experience, the big-time buyers -- sourcers for major antique stores, decorators and stylists, et al. -- are in line before the fields even open.  Armed with a big ol' bundle of cash, they tornado through the 5000+ dealers, buying anything and everything great, until they have trailers full of stuff.

We, on the other hand, were left with the dredges and the goodies we couldn't afford (why, oh why, were a gorgeous set of brass penguin bookends $250??).

This is my second time at Brimfield, and while it's a lovely way of spending an afternoon -- lots of sun, kooky people, erudite and passionate vendors/collectors, and food (kettle corn!) -- I think I have to acknowledge that my eye is not sharp enough nor my purse deep enough to really do well at an antique fair.

Oh well, at least the chipmunks and I had a moment.

Have you ever been out to Brimfield or a similar antique show?  Did you have any success finding bargains?


Jessica :: Delicatessen September 21, 2010 at 6:16 PM  

The displays are so neatly organized! The jadeite and milk glass display is giving me heart palpitations.

I'm only familiar with the Rose Bowl Flea Market but I have heard that many of the same vendors are at the Long Beach Flea Market the following weekend with better deals. I've been too lazy to find out though.

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