Monday, May 17, 2010

B is for . . .

a BEE-AUTIFUL baby shower!

This weekend I was in D.C. co-hosting a baby shower for one of my bridesmaids and favorite people in the universe.  If you remember from this post, although she's having a baby girl, we were going for a chic, modern feel -- no frou frou pinks and bling for this co-ed affair.

We relied on the ubiquitous Martha tissue poms to give some pop to the space.  I used 1.5 yards of Amy Butler "Martini Dots" fabric (from Etsy seller buttercuppityfabric) as an overlay for the table.  A grey "LOVE" print from Made by Girl was the focal point of the vignette and served as a "guestbook" for guests, who were encouraged to write notes to the baby.

I made a "curtain" of grey, white, and yellow dots (with bee imprints) for the doorway to the dining room, as well as complementary cupcake flags.  (My picture taking skills left much to be desired.  Grr.)

I also made cake pops (a la Bakerella) as favors/desserts.  (I'll post about these later in the week.)  Sadly, I forgot to bring the styrofoam platforms  I made for them to stand on, so we had to improvise with a cardbox box.  Boo.

I was also hoping we'd be able to borrow a cake stand to give the cupcakes a bit more height and drama, but alas we couldn't locate one and had to make do with the kraft paper containers the cupcakes were delivered in.  Oh well.  They were just as delicious.

And quite frankly, with an array of sandwiches and appetizers (pigs in a blanket from Costco are, in a word, delish) and plenty of mimosa and beer, I'm not sure anyone even noticed the vessels the food was displayed in/on.  Certainly, I was too busy stuffing my face to pay attention!

For the patio decorations, I pinned up some of the adorable little outfits I bought for the baby, including the softest little kimono top from Babysoy, a sassy ruffly bathing suit from Target, and this darling "Lovely Showers" set from RaeGun:

Image Source: Rae Gun
I also made a number of pennants from a lovely grey and yellow wrapping paper from Smock Paper, and we strung yellow and white streamers (which survived for all of ten minutes in the wind).

Although I was skeptical initially about doing a coed shower, I have to admit that it was a really fun gathering.  We didn't do any games or the obligatory opening of presents.  We just had good food, good drinks, good weather, and good friends.  Turns out that's all you need for a great party.

And I had such a great time crafting like the busy bee I used to be (oy with the alliteration).  I have to admit, though, that it was totally insane for me to have transported a whole party's worth of decorations, as well as the cake pops and gifts, from Boston to DC.  And did I mention it was all in one carry-on, in which I also had to stuff three days' worth of clothing?  I felt like some sort of illicit smuggler/trafficker.  Only instead of Colombia, my goods were coming from the Paper Source.

Now that this shower is over, I am taking a short, but much-needed craft break.  My next project is to finish up a much overdue baby book for another bridesmaid.  Stay tuned!


Creature Gorgeous May 20, 2010 at 4:55 AM  

You were in DC?!!! Where? This looks like it was a FANTASTIC baby shower! Like right out of a magazine!

lavenderpug May 21, 2010 at 1:51 PM  

this looks awesome, i am so impressed with your party planning skills, especially having had to transport everything. your friend is one lucky mom-to-be!

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