Saturday, May 8, 2010

A touch of Chinese chic

We moved into our house last summer, but our living room somehow still looks like someone is in the middle of moving out.  The media area has two TVs, one of which is sitting on the floor and doesn't work.  Half of the living room is taken up by boxes of books that haven't been unpacked.  The books that have been unpacked have just been unloaded randomly on the bookshelves, and one of the bookshelves is missing shelves (our movers seem to have lost them).   

In short, our living room is a Disaster.

We've promised ourselves that this summer we're going to deal with the living room.  We'll need to get a new media center, coffee table, among other major pieces of furniture.  But since I'm too scared to tackle the major projects, I figured I'd start with the small things . . . like picking out some throw pillows for our ginormous beige U-shaped couch.

My current obsession is with Schumacher's "Chiang Mai Dragon" fabric in alabaster.  I know it's probably a bit played out in the design world, but with it's bold color and modern Chinese graphic of florals and dragons, it's the perfect fabric for a Chewish household, no?

Image Source: milkandcookiescanada
It's hard to tell from the above swatch, but the graphic is HUGE.  It's a fun choice for pillows, since the scale of the pattern means that you can make a number of pillows and each one could look slightly different.

Image Source: Schumacher
The boldness of the graphic, though, leads me to think that it would be more modern if, rather than getting multiple pillows in the same fabric, we were to mix the Chiang Mai fabric with something a bit cleaner, more minimalist.  I've always loved the slightly chinoiserie lines of Kelly Wearstler's "Imperial Trellis" graphic, and it seems like at least two of the Imperial Trellis colors -- citrine and navy -- would pair well with the Chiang Mai fabric.

Kelly Wearstler Citrine
Kelly Wearstler Navy
Which one would you choose to go with the Chiang Mai Dragon? The citrine or the navy?

Image Source: LA Times


violarulz/ducksandbooks May 8, 2010 at 7:00 PM  

I like the big, bold graphic pillows! I think they'll look great on a big beige couch

Pandesaldreamer May 9, 2010 at 5:03 PM  

That's a pretty fabric! I love it! I think it will go well with the citrine one.

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