Monday, May 10, 2010

Skating Rink at the Court!

My favorite dean got formally nominated as a Justice this morning!

Image Source: NY Times
Yes, she's an academic superstar.  Yes, she's a badass in front of the Court (she gave Roberts a steady death stare during the whole Citizens United argument).  Sure, she's a master power broker and peace maker (she wrangled the Harvard Law School faculty into submission for goodness sake).  But really I'm excited because:

  • She turned a mudpit in front of Harkness into an ice skating rink.  That's right -- she was the Lesley Knope of HLS.  I can only imagine what awesomeness she will transform the old, nasty Supreme Court gym into . . . . Justice O'Connor used to do her Jane Fonda tapes up there, so maybe in her honor, Justice Kagan will build a hiphop studio and hire Shane Sparks as the official SCOTUS choreographer.  Or maybe she'll kick it old-school, turn the gym into a retro roller rink, and invite Kristen Chenoweth for a skate-off and duet?
  • She put free tampons into every ladies' bathroom at the law school.  FREE tampons.  I didn't have to go to CVS for a year.  She will bring on an era of complimentary feminine hygiene products at the Court.  This should reassure the misogynist assholes: even if all the lady Justices get on the same cycle, they'll be well equipped.
  • She's just like us!  The last time I saw Dean Kagan, she was coming out of Brooks Pharmacy with a ginormous 24-roll pack of toilet paper.  Not only does the woman have a healthy GI system, she also does her own shopping.  This is not some hoity toity Justice who will forget the little people.  She'll be standing right behind you at the Walgreens.
In all seriousness (and I don't usually post about serious things on this blog), I am really excited about this nomination.  She's brilliant, fearless, and focused, but also personable and thoughtful.  I don't have any delusion that she, alone, will shift the trajectory of the Roberts Court, but I have no doubt that she's going to put up quite a fight.

It's a good day!


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