Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cut It Out

As you might know, I'm kind of obsessed with paper crafts.  (My wedding, after all, had a paper cut motif, and I lived above a Paper Source for eight years.*)  So when I read about party impressario David Stark's pop-up "purely paper flower shoppe" at West Elm in NY, I got a little flushed.

So. Much. Paperliciousness.

David Stark Sketchbook
Everything from the flowers to the trowels and watering can were made from recycled paper.

Design Sponge

Of course, nothing this cool happens in Boston, so the closest I will get to this amazing paper terrarium is online.  Boo.
David Stark Sketchbook

Naturally, I had to do a little bit of browsing through David Stark's blog, which, as it turns out, is full of paper love.  Look at these cut-out, pop-up centerpieces he created for an event:

The whole vignette is crafted from paper, including that immense topiary.
David Stark Sketchbook

It turns out David and I are total kindred spirits (Yes, in my fantasy he is my new bff so I call him David, sometimes D.  "Oh D."  Any "Office" fans here?).  He loves paper almost as much as I do: his blog is full of citations to amazing paper artists, like Su Blackwell . . .

Su Blackwell via Decor8
. . . and Robert The.
David Stark Sketchbook
David Stark Sketchbook

D and I are such kindred spirits, in fact, that he too planned a whole event around paper cuts . . .
David Stark Sketchbook
complete with a little Chinese man who appears to be cutting a menagerie out of paper plates.  (Sadly, none of the little Chinese men at our wedding did that.)

I know it's a little weird to have a favorite event designer (though I imagine that quite a few of you out in our little blogging community have one).  I think he might be mine.

Who's yours?

*Speaking of our wedding, it's featured on CasaSugar today!  


Jessica [ frequently full ] May 28, 2010 at 5:36 PM  

OMG, that paper garden by Su Blackwell is insane!! How intricate!

Congrats on your wedding being featured!:)

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