Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Am I too old to play with dolls?

I hope not, because I need these.

Image Source: NY Times
According to the New York Times, these "Mad Men" Barbie dolls are coming out in July.  I could do without the male dolls -- is it just me, or does Roger Sterling look like an overly shoulder-padded Jay Manuel? -- but Barbie Joan Holloway, with her sassy bouffant, must come home with me.

Image Source:
She's going to share shelf space with my Hitchcock "The Birds" Barbie.  (Yes, it came with the birds attached -- brilliant.)  I think Joanie and Tippi are going to love each other's fashion sense.

And if Barbie Betty Draper wants to take a break from her sad life of dependence and ennui to come along too, I'm sure the other ladies can show her a thing or two.

Image Source:

Tippi's getting a bit lonely anyway, since her only companion at this point is my "Legally Blonde" Barbie.*

Yikes.  I think I'm oversharing at this point.  I'm coming across as a deranged, pathetic creature who collects dolls. You're thinking: "You start out with a few Barbies, and next thing you know you're pushing a pram down Centre Street cooing to a 'reborn baby.'"

Yeah, I'm a bit scared myself.  So let's make a deal: if I start blogging about my love for Precious Moments figurines or Madame Alexander dolls, you have the right duty to stage an intervention.

Until then, admit it: you want a Barbie Joan Holloway of your own, don't you? And yes, Jezebel, I will be on the lookout for a mini Martini glass and cigarette holder for her.

* I should clarify that I did not purchase my Elle Woods Barbie.  It was a charming little gag gift from the attorney I was working for the summer after my first year of law school.  

Because I used to carry Jellyby around in a bag.  

Before she -- and I -- decided that it was undignified.

Shikes.  I think I just embarrassed myself even more.


megan marie March 10, 2010 at 3:59 PM  

he totally looks like Jay!!!!!

Mrs. Hot Cocoa March 10, 2010 at 7:43 PM  

@ Megan Marie: I know, right? I never thought Roger Sterling was hot anyway, but now I can't picture him without a bad tan and a shellacked platinum hairdo.

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