Thursday, June 17, 2010

My iPhone gets a chic new coat

While browsing CitySuper, my favorite Hong Kong store, I happened upon a mod line of iPhone covers, the Finlandia series by Tunewear:

Image Source: Tunewear

According to the company's promotional materials, the "eggshell Finlandia Series for iPhone 3GS/3G is a collection of six new case designs which are light and thin as an eggshell, and add a layer of protection to iPhone without adding additional weight or bulk. The six patterns were developed by Finnish born designer Juho Viitasalo, with each graphical pattern being an abstract representation of nature in Finland. All the names are easy to remember words in the Finnish language."

The primary colors and graphic patterns of these cases make me so happy.  And they go perfectly with Anthropologie's Rainforest Morning Shirtdress, which I happened to be wearing today.

Image Source: Polyvore

I purchased the purple pattern, Sade, which "means rain and is inspired by the aesthetics of Finnish crafts."

The case, while not as "cushiony" as the red iSkin Solo my iPhone was wearing before, is light, solid, and finished in a material that gives the case a bit of "grip" on whatever surface it's resting on.  (In other words, it's not sleek plastic that will allow your phone to go skittering off any hard surface you place it on.)  It doesn't cover as much of the front of my iPhone as the iSkin -- it fits perfectly around the back of the iPhone right up to the silver "frame" on the front of the phone -- which is great aesthetically but makes me a little nervous about the level of protection the case would actually provide if I were to drop the phone on its head.

If you like the design, it looks like you can purchase the case here for US$24.95, just slightly more than I paid in Hong Kong.


hellowifey June 17, 2010 at 12:35 AM  

Wah! Before I scrolled down and saw the pic of the one you bought, I totally thought the purple one was the purdiest!

Mrs. Hot Cocoa June 17, 2010 at 12:48 PM  

@ hellowifey: Yay! I had trouble deciding between the purple and green, but I'm pretty thrilled I picked the purple now.

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