Sunday, January 31, 2010

Runway on the Cheap

I just finished watching the trainwreck that was this week's episode of Project Runway.  Spastastic Ping, with her "oh shoooz!" and her loopy Statue of Liberty toga dress, got auf'd. I'm going to miss her special Asian brand of crazy.  

Single tear.

Anyhoo, in honor of this week's challenge, in which the designers have to design a high-end signature look and an affordable derivation of another team's signature look, I thought I'd pull together a few low-budget versions of previous Project Runway looks.

Image Sources: NY Mag and ModCloth

Modcloth's "Leanne" skirt is reminiscent of the designer's Bryant Park collection.  But much more affordable at $49.99.

Image Sources: My Lifetime and Forever 21

Forever 21's summery little number reminds me of a sad-sack version of Amy's genius burlap dress, with its handkerchief-like layers.

Image Sources: NY Mag and Forever 21

At first blush, this indigo Forever 21 skirt has nothing to do with Irina's severe knits collection, but the overlapping flounces of the skirt echoes Irina's armor-inspired piece.

Image Sources: Examiner and Modcloth

This is a bit meta, since Jesus's and Amy's MC Hammer does the Twenties look is "derived" from Ping and Jesses's buddhist monk dress.  The Modcloth dress takes the best part of the four designers' design -- the noir lace -- and leaves out the zaniness of J&A's harem pants and P&J's toga.

Have any of the Project Runway creations inspired you when shopping, whether in a store or in your closet? 


kristie January 31, 2010 at 6:23 PM  

i liked ping's potato sack. I got a good laugh out of that with the model's ass hanging out.

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