Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making It Work on Etsy

Project Runway's back! Back in New York. Back at the original Mood. Back at Atlas. Hooray!

If only it were back on Bravo . . . .

In honor of its return, I thought I'd pick out a few of my favorite Etsy items from past and current Project Runway designers.

Back in Season 3, I was convinced that Alison Kelly would make it to Bryant Park. Alas, she was auf'd during the recycling challenge (remember when they used to have awesome challenges like that?). This sweet little number totally captures the clean, slightly quirky yet tailored look I adored from her challenges.

Project Runway Season 6 was a total yawner (poor Tim Gunn -- I still think he had his famous hissy fit out of sheer boredom), but Carol Hannah's designs, while not Christian Siriano-quality, are adorable and quite wearable. The berry-colored dress has a Leanne Marshall vibe to it. And since Leanne's shop is empty except for custom orders, Carol Hannah's might be the place to go for the drapey and flowy things for now.

Louise Black was also on Season Snooze 6. Her Victorian Gothic/Steampunk aesthetic is intriguing to look at, but where am I going to wear a corset with a skeleton cameo? That said, I do think this LBD would be a fab outfit for cocktails with Miss Havisham or a night out with Dorian Grey. Very fin-de-siecle chic.

And then there's this season . . . Janeane Marie has already achieved notoriety on season 7 by weeping her way through the entire first challenge. From the looks of her Etsy collection, though, she seems capable of producing some lovely, well-finished dresses when she's not in tears. I wasn't wowed by the LBD she created during the first challenge, but I would rock any of the dresses in her Etsy store.

Any of these items or those from other talented Etsy designers catch your eye?

Happy shopping! Happy watching!


The Bride Concierge January 18, 2010 at 6:39 PM  

Great finds! I esp. love, love, love that first dress of Janeane Marie's!!

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