Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Missing Links

Scrolling through Apartment Therapy today, I came across this living room that is like an amped up, technicolor version of ours.  And my eye was immediately drawn to the cool little drum-shaped, chain-linked accent table between the two Eames plywood chairs.

It was quirky, minimalist, industrial chic . . . I loved it.

Apartment Therapy
After much googling, I discovered that the object of my desire was the "Links side table" from CB2.  "CB2," I thought to myself.  "Awesome!  Must be affordable."

And you know what?  It was.  $149!

Emphasis, however, on WAS.  Damn table's sold out.


The only tables I found that are remotely close to the CB2 table are this cylindrical version:

Lazy Susan Weathered Oval Ring Table

and this hourglass-shaped version:

Hourglass Side Table
Neither are as affordable as the CB2 table.  Boo.

What to do?


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