Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who knew my people were so stylish?

Rickshaw as art piece?  Check.  Bird cage as light?  Check.  Jens-style chair covered in a chic, vaguely Anthropologie-esque fabric?  Naturally.  Would I go as far as to use the same fabric for the curtains?  Probably not.  But still.

Home and Decor via Desire to Inspire
Contemporary Singaporeans, it turns out, have whimsy and style.  And a love of mid-century.

Which comes as a surprise to me only because the last Singaporean house I remember was ours.

It appears that my mom thought a lovely damask couch would be a perfect complement to the austere colors and simple lines of the wall covering.

On closer inspection, it also looks like the wall on the right is covered in flocked wallpaper.  Because there wasn't enough going on in the room already.

Do you see that look of fear on my face?  And the fact that my mom had to put mittens on my little hands to prevent me from clawing my eyes out?


Morgan August 12, 2010 at 5:34 PM  

Awww, you were a cute little baby! And I love the clean lines of the wood furniture in that room!

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