Saturday, August 21, 2010

Surya Flatweave Rugs on Sale at Gilt!

If there's one home decor thing that I'm reluctant to spend lots of $$$ on, it's rugs.  In between all the visitors traipsing through our house and Jellyby the shih tzu using every piece of textile as her own personal napkin and backscratcher, rugs don't stand a chance of staying pristine in this household.  (Seriously, just as I was typing this, my husband just spilt a plate full of soy sauce on the floor. Charming.)

That's why I was pretty excited to see Surya flatweave rugs on sale at Gilt Groupe today.  We have this Surya in our bedroom (which I'd purchased previously through, and it's cheap, chic, and stands up to a lot of wear, tear, and scrubbing:

So I purchased one today in the same pattern but a different color for our living room:

A variety of patterns and colors are part of the Gilt sale, so definitely check out the possibilities:

All photos from Gilt Groupe
Not yet a Gilt member?  Get your invite here.  And see the rest of the patterns here.


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