Monday, August 30, 2010

Living Room Eclectic (on TV!)

Just caught Secrets From a Stylist, the new show from Emily Henderson of Design Star and the Brass Petal blog, and I have to say that I adore the living room she designed.  Of course, she had a gorgeous space to work with -- I'd take those built-in bookcases to dinner, buy them roses, and take them home to meet my mom -- but her eclectic, warm, and quirky style totally makes the room.  (I will even excuse her for that god-awful set of antlers mounted to the bookshelf.  And you know how I feel about animal heads and antlers.)

Image Source

Emily's design gives me much-needed courage to try out some of my crazy ideas for our living room.  I mean, if she can make "FDR chic," "British mod," and "Backpacker" work together so beautifully, I might have a chance of melding mid-century modern, rustic, and chinoiserie, right?  (Then again, I have neither a hot carpenter, an industrious seamstress, nor a team of painters who don't seem at all pissed off to have to paint and repaint the bookshelves over and over again.)

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Anyhoo, I'm just curious: if you had to pick three terms to describe your design aesthetic or style, what would they be?


Nodakademic August 30, 2010 at 11:49 PM  

That is a gorgeous room! (She can keep the antlers though.)

I think our style would be...

cheapo college-student throwbacks
thrifted retro flair

I don't necessarily hope that's always our style, but it describes most of our decor pretty well at the moment

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