Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter on the Outside, Spring on the Inside

While I was at Whole Foods earlier, foraging for acorns or whatever it is that one is supposed to do before going into hibernation, I saw from afar vases full of branches in the floral department.  I got super excited because I thought they were going to be cherry blossoms -- perfect for Chinese New Year.  

Alas, they were pussywillow.

But since "pussywillow" is a fun word that sounds dirty when I say it, I figured I'd take some home anyway.

Turns out they were perfectly suitable for my purposes.  Inspired by my sister's recent visit to the New Year's "flower mart" in Hong Kong (read about her exploits here -- I'm jealous), I thought I'd bring a bit of spring into the house by putting up my Chinese New Year decorations.

I picked up some Chinese New Year ornaments back in Hong Kong over the holiday.  Don't they look all festive on the branches?  Like a Chewish un-Christmas Tree?

I also added to the branches some mini lai see (red envelopes usually filled with $$).  Okay, mine weren't red; they were fancy and purple.  And mine weren't filled with cash, just chocolates.  I had a plan to get some gelt, to fully play out the Chewish dimension of my New Year decor.  But I picked up these gold-foiled chocolate coins and tablets at the Hong Kong airport, and I figured I should use them before my husband ate them all.

At the same bulk candy store at the airport, I got a variety of other New Year's themed chocolates, including some gold fortune cats, pineapples, and ingots. The little figurines pop open to expose a chocolaty center.

To complete the vignette, I put out my marionette lion, which I picked up at a flea market in Hong Kong.  And I prettied up the vase with some gold ribbon, and gold labels I punched with the Chinese characters for "prosperity" and "love."

Snowpocalypse Now has migrated north to Boston, so I'm indoors hiding from the wind, snow, and gloom. Sigh. At least my Chinese New Year vignette is bringing a little color and festivity in.

What are you doing to bring spring indoors while it's still winter out?


charms February 11, 2010 at 10:35 AM  

I love the the chewish tree! I want to come see your festive display now :)

Mrs. Hot Cocoa February 11, 2010 at 9:21 PM  

@ Charms: You're just around the corner!!

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