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If this blog were a food product, it'd be Soy Vay.  Like Soy Vay, our blog is "produced by a Chinese girl and a Jewish boy."  And like Soy Vay, our blog is kosher, delicious, and saucy.

Try us.  We are good on chicken.

We try to be just as good on food, style, bargains -- all the things worth kvelling about.  

Above all, though, this is a blog about our messy, funny, but well-intentioned attempts to build a Chewish household.  

What's "Chewish," you ask?  

Well, literally, it's Chinese and Jewish.  Like me: Chinese by birth and Jewish by choice.  Or my husband: Jewish by birth and Chinese by marriage.

It's a wedding with a tea ceremony and a chuppah.

It's having to placate a rabbi and an astrologer.

It's kissing the mezuzah and taking off your shoes at the door.

It's keeping kosher at home and noshing on suckling pig in Hong Kong.

It's celebrating Chinese New Year with red envelopes filled with gelt.

It's making the perfect Vietnamese roast chicken for shabbat dinner.

It's double the kvetching, double the bargainphilia, and double the hilarity.

It's a process . . . of negotiation, compromise, and learning.  Sometimes what comes out is surprisingly tasty, like Soy Vay; other times what comes out is weird and not entirely pleasant, like a Chinese knish.

Either way, we hope we're entertaining.  Thanks for joining us on our Chewish adventures!

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